Changing your samba password from windows

Gerald Carter gcarter at
Fri Mar 9 06:32:37 GMT 2001

On Thu, 08 Mar 2001 13:03:39 Jeremy Allison wrote:
> Philipp Hug wrote:
> > 
> > I tried the same on Win2k (with CVS version of Samba 2.2) and got
> the same
> > message:
> > 
> > [2001/03/07 23:51:34, 0] > > rpc_server/srv_samr_nt.c:_samr_get_dom_pwinfo(2435)
> >   _samr_get_dom_pwinfo: Not yet implemented.
> Yes, I'm looking at this one also. It's currently an undocumented
> and encrypted RPC that W2K seems to need to succeed on SAMR before
> it will allow password change. WinNT doesn't need this so it works.
> I'm looking into what to return here (we currently just return
> zeros which obviously isn't correct).

I have only seen SAMR_GET_USRDOM_PWINFO (opnum 0x2c) when a Win2k
client joins an NT 4 domain.  Ooops, there is opnum 0x38
in the Win2k user password change.  Hmmm....should just return
a policy handle and a four byte return value.

Interesting though, I don;t see it being closed by the Win2k 
client....Hmmm....Don't see where the results of SAMR_GET_DOM_PWINFO
are being used in SAMR_CHGPASSWD_USER.

btw...what is the "MSRPC Authenticationm Verifier" that I see 
after the Stud Data in netmon 1.x?

Cheers, jerry
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