nmbd as WINS proxy

Dr CHEUNG Ngai Tseung cheungnt at ha.org.hk
Thu Mar 8 09:48:45 GMT 2001

We are basically an NT shop, but I have installed Samba on two rogue linux
servers. My problem is that being an NT shop our IT people won't support
DNS, instead using wins and DHCP for everything.

My hope was that name queries from my linux boxes can be resolved by nmbd
(since the man page says "In addition, nmbd can act as a WINS proxy,
relaying broadcast queries from clients that do not understand how to talk
the WINS protocol to a WIN server"), but having I set
	wins proxy = yes
without any effect - ie my linux box still can't resolve netbios names.

Is it possible to have Samba transparently resolve netbios names?


NT Cheung
Hospital Authority

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