Shortcuts now point to shares

Tim Gildersleeve t.gildersleeve at
Mon Mar 5 16:37:23 GMT 2001

Thanks for that Jean,

Ill take a look.  We are moving to a Samba PDC in the very near future
(later this week) but it seems that this particular problem is with samba
too.  Hopefully the reg key will help.  I have to say though that we have a
very strict policy created with policy editor, and I have never seen that
key before (perhaps I just missed it).


Tim Gildersleeve

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> On Mon, 5 Mar 2001, Tim Gildersleeve wrote:
> > right place.  But every now and then, they are changed again.  Oh, and
> in
> > this case, the users in question have only read access to the shortcuts.
> It
> > seems that winnt is changing them itself.  
> > 
> > So this doesnt seem to be just a samba thing.
> There is a key you can change in the registry to change that behaviour. 
> I remember it's somewhere in poledit. I think it's documented in the KB.
> 	J.F.

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