Shortcuts now point to shares

Lubomir lubo at
Wed Mar 7 14:44:12 GMT 2001

I've had similar problems + driveleter for the shortcuts path changes
to different leter and many drivemappings occured to de same sharing.
I've found that these policy settings fixes completely the problem:
in winnt.adm (I've got 2 versions - the bigger is the truth) find
"Automatically create <drive letter>$ and Admin$ shares" - sure NO
"Disable link file tracking" - sure YES

Tim Gildersleeve wrote:

> Ive had a similar problem with a completely winnt network.  A group of
> workstations have a centralised startmenu, and on occasions when choosing a
> shortcut it has tried to open the application accross the network so instead
> of running "C:\Program Files\App\App.exe"  it has been trying to run
> "\\GRCD9\C$\Program Files\App\App.exe"  This is very wierd.  I got round
> this by opening the affected shortcuts and editing them to point to the
> right place.  But every now and then, they are changed again.  Oh, and in
> this case, the users in question have only read access to the shortcuts.  It
> seems that winnt is changing them itself.  
> So this doesnt seem to be just a samba thing.
> Tim Gildersleeve
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>> Here's another good one by NT in my lab - Samba 2.0.7 on RedHat 7.0 (linux
>> 2.2.16-22smp) server, Windows NT 4.0 SP 6 workstations.
>> All of a sudden, many of my users' Start Menu and Desktop shortcuts don't
>> work correctly anymore.  When selected, they prompt for a username and
>> password for '\\WORKSTATION\ADMIN$' where WORKSTATION is some other
>> computer in the lab.  Apparently the account must be a local account for
>> WORKSTATION, but the only local account(s) on the machines are the default
>> when NT is installed (Administrator et al).  I examined the LNK files in
>> question, and each has the "local volume" AND "network share" bits set,
>> meaning the target can be found on a local drive (normal) in addition to a
>> network share on some other workstation (abnormal in these circumstances).
>> It is apparently trying the network share first, though I have no idea
>> why.  I was able to patch a screwed up LNK file by turning off the
>> "network share" bit and it worked, so I'll probably have to write a small
>> utility that strips that out of each and every shortcut in my users'
>> profiles.  Or, does anyone have any better ideas?  I'm very interested in
>> seeing if anyone else has experienced this.  The problem is just getting
>> worse, as more and more shortcuts are continually being affected.  I can't
>> tell if one machine in particular is screwing up the shortcuts.
>> P.S.  In the near future I'm going to turn off local caching of profiles,
>> which may prevent this from happening again.  Prevention aside, I need a
>> FIX first...
>> Jason Todd
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