Dualing Sambas (Or dueling Sambas, depending on how you want to l ook at it)

Simo Sorce simo.sorce at polimi.it
Fri Jan 26 14:08:41 GMT 2001

On Thu, 25 Jan 2001, Gill, Vern wrote:

> I need some help here, and some info.
> First, what is SURS tdb, and is it similiar to tdbsam? Should I be using
> it for TNG.

No tsbsam is different.
SURS is also concerned to admit mapping of trusted domains users to posix
tdbsam is only a backend that replaces the smbpasswd files for faster
lookup of data and better handling of users entries and also to enruch the
number customizable of per user parameters (all the per user parameters
that you find in user manager of winnt).

> Now to the real question.
> I am considering running both trees on my server. TNG for the DC, and
> HEAD for the File/Print. First, is this a good/bad idea? Second, what
> are the main things I need to do to allow them both to run? (Aside from
> seperate interfaces, already aliased eth0 for that and put the
> interfaces = in each smb.conf)
> Can the HEAD samba be a BDC or Member server of TNG? Should it/Should it
> NOT be?
> Can all auth go thru TNG, as this is already working for me?
> Do I need them on different ports, or just different ip's?
> Various other questions I am SURE will arise as I implement this...
> If anyone is doing this, some pointers would be great.
> Thanks.

Well if you need something in TNG that is not on SAMBA HEAD this is not a
bad idea, only remember to use the "bind interface only = True" parameter.

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