Mac OS X

Kendrick Vargas ken at
Mon Jan 22 15:36:56 GMT 2001

On Mon, 22 Jan 2001 ctooley at wrote:

> I'm in the position of having to integrate a Mac into an all Windows
> network. I'm tempted to ask them to hold off on the integration (and
> run standalone for a couple monthes) until the release of OS X.  At
> that time I'd at least know something about the OS and how to use it.
> What I'm wondering is if there is a release of Samba for OS X and if
> so how well is integrated into the system.
> I'm just feeling out the waters to see where it sets before I commit
> to where I want to take my stand on the Mac in the first place.

Are you gonna stick a Samba server on this mac? Somehow I doubt this :-)
MacOS X is based on BSD, and it can do NFS natively. I think this would be
your best bet. If you need to share from unix boxes to MacOS X, just use

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