Customed Start Menus for Win9X users

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Tue Jan 16 23:19:30 GMT 2001

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> Hi.  I already have my start menu secure (using policies).
> I am using roaming profiles - each user has there own profile at the
> moment.   Will I need to change this?

I don't think you would.

In the directory where the user's profile is stored you should find a "Start
Menu" folder.  You can customize what programs appear on the Start Menu by
placing shortcuts in this folder or in the "Programs" subfolder.  This
includes the "Startup" folder, which controls which applications load
automatically during startup.

If memory serves me correct, the roaming profile is stored in the directory
defined by the "logon home" variable in smb.conf.  There is another variable
in smb.conf called "logon path" that can be set, but Windows 9x ignores this
variable.  I understand, however, that there is a key in the registry call
ProfileImagePath that may be used as an alternative to define where the user
profile is stored.

I think Sam Silvester's idea of using a preexec script seems most
reasonable, but I don't know that you'd have to use the same method of
resolving which group they belong to.  Basically, just have a preexec script
test the variable %u against a list containing the username and which "Start
Menu" folder would be appropriate for that user.  Then copy the specified
"Start Menu" folder to the profile stored in their home directory.

I believe this would work.  Everybody feel free to correct me if I'm wrong.
(As if I'd ever have to ask...  :-P  )

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