Customed Start Menus for Win9X users

Mark Westcott mark at
Tue Jan 16 19:44:18 GMT 2001

Hi.  I already have my start menu secure (using policies).
I am using roaming profiles - each user has there own profile at the 
moment.   Will I need to change this?


JBCurry wrote:

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>> Hi all.  I have a school network with a samba server acting as PDC etc,
>> but I would like users in different groups to receive different start
>> menus.  Is this at all possible, if so how?
> Mark -
> The solution may depend on whether you wish to control just the functions of
> the Start Menu (such as disabling the run command), or whether you also wish
> to control exactly what folders and applications appear.
> If it's simply to help make the Start Menu secure, you can handle many
> issues by just using System Policies.  There's a wonderful book out from
> O'Reilly entitled "Windows System Policy Editor" that will help you to
> understand the abilities and limits of System Policies, and books such as
> "SAMS Teach Yourself Samba in 24 Hours" or "Special Edition: Using Samba"
> will help you to understand how to implement them on a Samba server.
> If you wish to customize the folders and programs based on the user logon,
> you'll need to use Roaming Profiles.  This is a little bit more work in
> support and maintenance, but there's a lot of neat stuff (!!!) you can
> customize in addition to the Start Menu.  I would suggest the same books as
> mentioned above for info on this approach.
> It's not too difficult to do either, but I think you'll want to read up on
> "System Policies" and "Roaming Profiles" to see which is more appropriate
> for you.  Then you'll have questions specific to what you want to do as
> you're working to implement them.

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