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Tue Jan 16 11:33:55 GMT 2001

Grant wrote:
> > I have a peculiar error, when i boot my linux system i mount
> > a share on my win2k professional machine using smbmount
> > (which is included in my RH7 install). This works great and
> > is very reliable. However, if someone tries to access the
> > mounted share while the Win2k machine is down it gets an
> > Input/output error, and it can't list anything in the mounted
> > share. It is also impossible to either unmount/remount/chmod/
> > delete or do anything else with the mounted share.
> That's right, because the Windows machine is down.
> > So to the question: is there a way to reset this mounted share
> > somehow without actually rebooting the linux machine? If not,
> > is there some other program similar to the smbmount which
> > doesn't have this _serious_ bug and is free? Since I'm using
> > the Windows2000 professional edition I am not sure if there
> > is a NFS server for it, but I did hear that a NFS mount had a
> > timeout setting which would stay clear of this bug.
> This is not a bug. Obviously if the Windows machine is down you can't access the share...
> 1. You need to kill the process id of smbmount (kill -9 PID of mount.smbfs).
> 2. You then need to un mount the Windows share. (umount //Win2k/Share).
> 3. You then need to remount the Windows share.
This can normally also be accomplished by root umount'ing the mount

> Rebooting is only required when you update the kernel. You can "fix" problems in Linux without ever needing to reboot.

Other reason to reboot linux is when adding hardware.

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