Group policies for Win98

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Hi Sam,
I use samba in a school too. I have about 1650 individual
When giving students and staff accounts I give them a uid
in a particular range (man pw) depending on who they are.
This is all done via a perl script I wrote which calls pw.

  o	teachers have uid's between 1000 and 2000,
  o	office staff are between 2000 and 3000,
  o	year 7's of this year will be between 13000 and 14000
  o	year 7's of last year will be between 12000 and 13000, etc...

Based on the UID, a root preexec perl script figures out 
what config.pol file they should have when they log in, and copies
the appropriate config.pol file to their profile directory.

This UID scheme also has other uses, particularly wrt setting quotas
and end-of-year rollover. 

BTW- where is your school?


Sam Silvester wrote:
> Hi Everyone!
> I'm working on a Samba server for a small (~600 students) school, in which
> we want to have individual accounts for each user.
> We also use system policies to maintain some level of control over the
> workstations, but I can't work out how to get group policies working. I've
> installed support for group policies on the workstations and created the
> policy file with the groups 'students', 'teachers' and 'admins'
> Provided all of the individual accounts are entered into the smbpasswd
> file, how do I then specify which group they are in, and then make the
> workstations pick this up???
> thanks in advance,
> Sam!
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