2.2 download / status

Ralf Huelsmann r_huelsmann at ish.de
Fri Jan 12 18:05:00 GMT 2001

hello !

i´m still interested in 2.2 (maybe 3.0 ??) there soulb be a beta end of
2000... but i don´t read much about it.  is there another place talking
about 2.2 issues ?

how/wehere to get ?
there is a aplha1... there should be cvs... but ßm not expirienced using

with "cvs -z5 -d :pserver:cvs at pserver.samba.org:/cvsroot co samba" i get the
HEAD-branch... how do i get "2.2.0: (CVS tag SAMBA_2_2)" ?


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