Current Development Updates?

Scott Merrill smerrill at
Thu Jan 11 15:38:41 GMT 2001

I'm dealing with a software vendor who makes a Windows application that
requires NT domain authentication.  They're a little dodgy about our use of
Samba for domain controllers, and I'd like to be able to provide some
specific information to them about where things stand.

This software vendor wants us to use Windows 2000 for their application
server.  As I understand it, Samba can't adequately support a Windows 2000
member server in the domain yet.  We don't need full group enumeration, or
trust relationships, or any of that.  All I need is for a Windows 2000
member server to be able to integrate into our domain (which has an even
number of characters in its name!). suggests that Windows 2000
domain integration won't happen until Samba 3.0.  But all the traffic on
this list involves people getting the 2.2 CVS version to integrate with
Windows 2000 servers.  Are we all jumping the gun with 2.2, or are the Samba
web pages slightly out of date in regards to proposed features for 2.2?

I know there was a big brouhaha awhile back about getting more specific
timelines.  I'm not after anything of the sort - I can patiently wait until
it's done.  I'm just looking to provide _correct_ development information to
my software vendor so that they can be a little more comfortable with our
use of Samba.

Thanks very much!

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