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Because the profile is registred to a user (not only file permissions).

Got to My Computer, right click, select properties go to profiles, and use
"Copy Profile" to do stuff like that.

Should be on the FAQ!

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  I get a template profile on netlogon directory to set up new NT users
account. ( Clients runs under Windows Nt 4.0 Workstation )

  When I create a new account, I copy the template profile ( Desktop
Directory, ntuser.dat, etc... ) in user netlogon directory to have a new
Profile ( Desktop and registry ) for the user.

  And I get this error : The user can't modify the registry base ( Desktop,
and so on ).

  And of course I have no save copy for this user template profile.

  How can I get a new default user profile for NT ???

  Thanks for your reply to xpuech at laligue.org

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