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Yes it is possible, it's as simple as specifing a domain to authenticat on, on windows ME (it's identical to win95/98).

Yes, win ME will respect your share permissions.  Actually, winME has not part in the share permissions.  It will try to access whatever you tell it to, and it assumes it has rights.  Samba is what will handle rejecting the permission to your shares.  So what I am saying, is its a server issue, not a client issue.

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  Please excuse my ignorance.... I'm just entering the Samba/PDC world.

  Is it possible to work with Windows ME as the client computer, in a domain where Samba is the PDC? Will Win ME respect my share permissions (i.e. not allowing the guest user to access /etc/passwd)??

  I know these are broad topics, so if you coud just send me to the right URL, or anything alike where I could get more information, I'll be just as grateful.

  Thanks in advance, 

  Nicolas Zeitlin
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