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Yeah, as far as samba is concerned, an ME client is identical to a 98
client (and not doing a 'domain logon' in the NT/2000 sense anyway.)
The permissions are imposed by the server and can be as loose or
granular as you want.  You probably shouldn't be sharing your /etc
directory anyhow ;)
The documentation that comes with the samba source code is probably a
more authorative source than I am.

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Please excuse my ignorance.... I'm just entering the Samba/PDC world.
Is it possible to work with Windows ME as the client computer, in a
domain where Samba is the PDC? Will Win ME respect my share
permissions (i.e. not allowing the guest user to access
I know these are broad topics, so if you coud just send me to the
right URL, or anything alike where I could get more information, I'll
be just as grateful.
Thanks in advance, 
Nicolas Zeitlin

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