Samba Domain & XP

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I'am having similar windows XP problems I can join the domain though but
after reboot the PDC can't be found. I did set the registry right.

It looks like this


I can't find any weird stuff in my logs and I haven't been able to find
Solution to my problem.

Boudewijn van Liempd
b.vanliempd at

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I am not able to join an XP Machine to a Samba domain. I am able to
all the procedure until the reboot, bur after the Windows reboot, at the
login, the windows says that it is not possible to contact the Primary
domain controller. No debug arrive to samba at the login. The machine
on the domain is done correctly with "on the fly" tecnique.

Do someone have the same problem? What about solution?

Davide Parise
E-Mail: d.parise at

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