DOS Client to Samba Server?

David Atkinson datk at
Sun Dec 16 14:58:02 GMT 2001

The company I work for uses something much like you probably want. At our
laptop repair site there is a disk (multiple copies of the same disk) that
boots dos and brings up networking (off the disk) then runs ghost off the
network to do a pre-load of the machine. The disk is based on the Microsoft
Client which is on the Microsoft website. It can also be made up on a WinNT
server (I think it is one of the options under administrative tools) As for
the preload disk I'll try and obtain a copy for you to look at, but it has
only Xircom (PCMCIA) network drivers.

David Atkinson

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Subject: DOS Client to Samba Server?

Does anyone have info or links to data on connecting a real DOS client to a
Linux Samba server?

If so, is there any options to NOT have a static IP address on the DOS side?
would like to make some sort of generic bootable image that does not need an
address set into it for each computer one visits with the disk.


Michael Lueck
Lueck Data Systems

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