DOS Client to Samba Server?

Mike Lamasney lamasney at
Sun Dec 16 18:26:09 GMT 2001

Mike, at our school I have a single diskette that I can boot on an empty
machine, fdisk
the HDD, format it, connect to the network, map a Samba server share and
build the client.
It supports about a dozen NICs we commonly use and uses DHCP to get its IP
address.  It
uses the common Microsoft client DOS software -- no magic -- but includes a
host of DOS
maintenance utilities I've found are convenient to have.  

If you send me your address, I'll  mail you a copy.

At 10:04 PM 12/14/01 -0500, Michael Lueck wrote:
>Does anyone have info or links to data on connecting a real DOS client to a
>Linux Samba server?
>If so, is there any options to NOT have a static IP address on the DOS
side? I
>would like to make some sort of generic bootable image that does not need
an IP
>address set into it for each computer one visits with the disk.
>Michael Lueck
>Lueck Data Systems

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