Domain security, Solaris 2.6->Win2K (Samba 2.2)

Joe D'Andrea jdandrea at
Wed Dec 12 20:50:02 GMT 2001

Greetings! I've been working diligently to get a samba installation
working with a domain/PDC on a different subnet from mine, and we're
closer, but then this isn't horseshoes. :-)

Here's what we've done so far:

 * We've got domain security set up in smb.conf, per the infamous
   HOWTO file.

 * We've joined said domain successfully. :-D

 * I have just been given an account on said domain.

NOW, I figured I'd try to connect to my samba host. The expectation I had
was that it would authenticate me relative to the domain (I still have a
UNIX account with the same name so it will match up in Samba 2.2).

I decided to use smbclient first:

 smbclient \\my.domain.fqdn\share -Ujdandrea

Instead, it wanted my smbpasswd password (from when I had it set up for
user security). Interestingly, when I gave it that, it told me the domain
was the new domain I had added. But I didn't authenticate w/that domain.

Ahh! Perhaps I should lose my smbpasswd entry. Bad move. I still couldn't

So I decided to be explicit and try -UDOMAIN\jdandrea ... no dice.

I checked the log files. Nothing useful there. Kicked up the log levels
and tried again. Still nothing providing any hints.

Somehow I get the suspicion it's pilot error here, but I'm also wondering
in the back of my head if being on another subnet is tripping me up. I
sure hope not, but anyway ... clues welcome!

- JD

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