Domain security, Solaris 2.6->Win2K (Samba 2.2)

Joe D'Andrea jdandrea at
Thu Dec 13 10:23:09 GMT 2001

Well, as an update ... I was able to set security = SERVER and then pick
an explicit PDC as a password server, and NOW THAT WORKS. Now I can do:

 smbclient -L SERVER -Ujdandrea%password

Using the PDC account this time. :-)

... except I'd really like to get domain security working. If I enable it,
it's as if I'm back at user level security. It ignores passing things on
to the PDC. Bizarre.

The DOMAIN_MEMBER.html doc also explains why domain security is "a good
thing" so that is only driving me on to want to do it this way.

As extra credit, I also ran through DIAGNOSIS.txt from top-to-bottom and
all looks good, except for it not passing the login along to the PDC!

(Sort of the whole reason I'd use security = domain.)

Clues still welcome.

-- Joe

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