Get data from NT 4.0 for migration to Samba PDC

Matt Pavlovich mpav at
Tue Dec 11 11:08:04 GMT 2001

I am working on a project to migrate from an existing NT 4.0 domain to a
Samba controlled domain, and have a few hang-ups.  Since there will be a
large contingent of existing NT servers that need to remain functional,
we need to mirror the current environment precisely.

I have found pwdump2 to be very helpful, as I am able to extract login
id's, what appears to be user id's, and the NT and LM hashes (won't have
to reset passwords).

Dumping information from Exchange aids in email information, but little
about the NT accounting.

1) RIDs
   Is there a way to extract a list of RIDs from the PDC?  Group RIDs?

2) UIDs
   Is there a way to extract a list of User and (Primary) Group IDs? 

3) Account Flags
   How can you extract the account flag information for users and

4) Other user information
   Extraction of logon script setting?
   Home Drive?

If anyone has experience in this type of migration and would like to
offer assistance (off-list if prefered), I would appreciate it.

Matt Pavlovich
Allegiance Telecom, Inc.

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