Windows 95 Login Script Problem

Matt Jones matt.jones at
Sat Dec 8 09:58:54 GMT 2001

Hi All

I have a problem with login scripts processing on Windows 95 clients.

I have a Windows NT primary domain controller and a Samba 2.2.2 server
running Security = Domain mode.  I have winbind configured.
In my login scripts I have a net use command to map a drive to a share on
the Samba server:

	net use n: \\pfbwlx06\install

This works fine on Windows NT and Windows 2000 workstations but fails on
Windows 95 machines - the login script stops on the command and it says "THE
PASSWORD IS INVALID FOR PFBWLX06\INSTALL" the asks me to re-enter the
password, once I have tried three times it fails completely and completes
the rest of the script.

Now what makes this very confusing is that when the login script has
finished and I am at the desktop I can browse the share on that server in My
Computer and map a network drive that way!!  Has any body else seen this
problem, I am really confused because none of my windows nt and 2000
machines have this problem.

This is the message in /var/log/messages

	Dec  8 18:46:48 pfbwlx06 smbd[4823]: [2001/12/08 18:46:48, 0]
	Dec  8 18:46:48 pfbwlx06 smbd[4823]:   domain_client_validate: no challenge
done - password failed
	Dec  8 18:46:48 pfbwlx06 smbd[4823]: [2001/12/08 18:46:48, 0]
	Dec  8 18:46:48 pfbwlx06 smbd[4823]:   Error: challenge not done for

Please help before I crack up completely.

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