Samba & PGP

Jan Vidar Klevengen jvk at
Sat Dec 8 10:46:05 GMT 2001


Anyone have accounts using PGP with Samba Domain ?

I'm running a test network at home to see how Samba Domain works with
Windows 2000, and so far it works pretty well.
Just one problem. I use PGP 7.0 for Windows on my Windows 2000 computers,
and when I reboot these computers I get
a message when I open my pgpkeys that says "An error has occurred: bad
parameters". This is a PGP error, but I think
this has to do with Samba somehow, cause it don't happen when I use local
users in Windows 2000.

Anyone else experienced this?

Kind Regards
   Jan Vidar Klevengen
   jvk at
or janvkl at

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