Samba and CPU usage

Alaa Alamood aaa at
Thu Dec 6 04:43:08 GMT 2001

Hi samba folk

I'm using samba samba.2.0.7 which running on tru64 unix, when some body
tring to print from windows 2000 client. it will get samba to use 50%
from the CPU and no body  in my company can do any thing until the print
is finish and the cpu usage down again, I use also samba 2.2.2 in
another machine it doaing exacly the same.

is any body has an idea what's going on


   browse list = yes
   mangled stack = 100
   max xmit = 8192
   preferred master = yes
   printing = bsd
   read size = 8192
   security = user
   domain master = no
   os level = 33

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