Can't become connected user!

Mark Rinaudo mark at
Thu Dec 6 11:31:09 GMT 2001

Well I'm still trying to attempt to connect this win 2000 box to the 
domain with samba as the pdc.  I added root to the smbpasswd file and 
set the password as the same as the root unix account.  That seemed to 
get me a little further.  Now when i attempt to connect i get an error 
message on the windows box saying  "The specified network password is 
not correct"  So i turned to samba for the answer. I jacked the debug 
level up to 4 to see what was bombing out.  Everything looks alright in 
the logging until it get's to this point quoted below.

[2001[2001/12/06 13:19:43, 0] smbd/service.c:make_connection(553)
 Can't become connected user!
[2001/12/06 13:19:43, 3] smbd/connection.c:yield_connection(50)
 Yielding connection to IPC$
[2001/12/06 13:19:43, 3] smbd/error.c:error_packet(99)
 error string = No such file or directory

I was told when joing the machine to the domain you should use the root 
as the user and his password when prompted.  I also read somewhere that 
it's not needed to enter the machine name into the smbpasswd file just 
as long as you have it entry in the /etc/passwd file with a preceding 
'$' to mark it as a machine. I've tried this with and without the entry 
in the smbpasswd file. No luck. Any Help would be great.

Mark Rinaudo

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