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Mathias Wohlfarth MathiasWohlfarth at
Thu Dec 6 02:12:02 GMT 2001

I have reed (half a year ago) that there was a bug in the cvs code with
this behaviour. This bug has been fixed.
I have been looking into the code in this area, because I had to create a
patch to implement a password expire
function. There is no password expiry in the latest version of 2.2.2
Did you compile the latest code or did you get a compiled package?

Greg Goodrich <ggoodrich at> on 05.12.2001

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Thema:  Re: Password expiration after joining Domain

I'm having the same issues, so if you find the answer to this problem,
please let me know.  Also, if anyone on the
list knows, I'd appreciate it.  TIA,

"S. Zwedler" wrote:

> Hi,
> after installing Samba 2.2.2 and successfully joining the domain, users
are now prompted to change their
> passwords. I believe this is triggered by Samba, and while it makes sense
security-wise, it's not needed in the
> trusted environment here so I'd like to set the password expiration time
to infinite (never expires). I haven't
> yet found the right option in Samba yet, so i'd be more than grateful if
someone could tell me where I can find
> the proper option. (i'm aware that there is a last-time-changed field in
smbpasswd file but I do not want to
> change that manually for all users every month...)
> Thanks all,
> Steffen Zwedler

Greg Goodrich
Senior Software Engineer
MediNotes Corp.
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