Windows 2k and Samba PDC

Mitchell mjs at
Thu Dec 6 01:00:12 GMT 2001

This is more a Windows 2k problem than a Samba one. 

I have set up my samba server as a PDC for  ur Win 2k network. 

I have a workstation called lift which I have added as follows

useradd -g 100 -d /dev/null -s /bin/false -c "lift" lift$

passwd -l lift$

smbpasswd -a -m lift

I then went to that  workstation and joined it to the domain using user root password xxxxxx 

it said it joined and would I like to add a user which had access to network services.  I answered "don't add a user at this
time" and it finished the network setup wizard. 

I then logged out of the administrator account and tried to log back in as user mjs 

user mjs exists as a system user as well as in the smbpassword file. 

it bumped me off with an invalid user/password warning. 

it is as if it isn't authenticating users against the PDC. 

Is there anything else under windows 2k that I have to change to get it to authenticate users out of the PDC? 

I assume that I don't have to add *all* users to each workstation. 

Any assistance here would greatly be appreciated.


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