Whose Running Samba as a PDC

Sergei Makarov smakarov at nes.ru
Sat Apr 28 06:59:30 GMT 2001


We're New Economic School, Moscow. http://www.nes.ru

Run Samba 2.0.7 (under Slackware 7) for a year now. As PDC for WinNT at
PC Labs for students, bunch of Win98 at offices , file/print sharing.
All together 50 computers, 300 users. Plus mail, mySQL, httpd... sorry,
you didn't ask about them :)
Hardware. Two almost identical servers. Home build Intel Pentium 233,
128 RAM, UW SCSI software RAID(s).

Highly recommend. 
MUCH less headache since we migrated from OS/2 Warp Server. (Would you
believe we never been WinNT Server shop?)

Best regards,
Sergei Makarov, Head of Computer Dept.

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> > Again, permit me to thank everyone for the tremendous support given on
> this
> > mailing list. With your help, and a lot of outside study, I've been able
> to
> > learn the basic elements behind running a SAMBA powered domain. I work a
> for
> > a Texas Public School system and have made a recommendation to install a
> > SAMBA PDC at one of our faciliites. My superiors want a list of some other
> > professional institutions that run SAMBA in a production enviroment. If
> you
> > guys know of some, please respond with the names.... TO THE SAMBA TEAM -
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