2 Samba Servers on same subnet

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Thu Apr 26 13:38:24 GMT 2001

Hello Steven,
This should be ok - since you are using two different workgroups for the
samba servers, then each samba server can be the preferred master for it's
respective workgroup, and shouldn't contend with each other.  Your clients
WILL notice a difference, however, as since they are on the same subnet, the
browse masters for the two workgroups will exchange browse list information;
that means, essentially that when your pc's go into their network
neighborhood, they would then see two 'domains' and could click on either
one, and see the machines in that 'domain'.
I don't think this should be a problem for you.  As for wins support, I
suspect you would want to continue to have only one of the samba servers
provide wins support for your clients, as samba is not currently able to
replicate wins info between two wins servers.
Your clients in the old workgroup should not 'run afoul' of the new pdc,
since logon requests, etc are handled in a domain specific manner (ie, logon
requests look for a logon server only in the DOMAIN that the client pc is a
part of, and so a pdc from a different domain would not respond...)

Good luck,
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Hello everyone, this is my first post to the ntdom list as I'm heading
down the Domain trail ....

I already have a 2.0.7 server on my subnet and want to keep that running
for the time being.  It is setup as a workgroup server and doesn't use
encryption.  I've set the os level to 34, it's the preferred master and
uses wins support.  Now I want to setup a new 2.2.0 samba server on my
network to deal with the win2k clients that will come online shortly. 
It is going to be a PDC.  My question is this ....  even though the 2nd
server will have a different workgroup name and will use domains, will
there be any interference between the two ? I presume I should not have
two preferred masters or two wins supports ? Does the domain based
server have to be the preferred master and have wins support or can I
just rely on the other server to do that for the time being.  If my
win9x clients are using workgroups only, will they stay clear of the
developing 2nd server (which may well be up and down a bit to start
with) ?

Steve Law
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