group map from w2k to SMB PDC 2.2.0

Lista linux linux at
Thu Apr 26 18:50:29 GMT 2001

hi All,

i have a samba user USER1, and it logs ok at the samba domain, it has no
account at the w2k machine, what level does it gets? how do i assign a
w2k group to this user?

i've been reading at smb.conf (today's CVS) about domain groups, domain
admin group, domain guest group, etc. but i can't get any help. I also
read the .PDF document.

i read a in a previous mail on this list that samba 2.2. recognices the
/etc/group file, is this correct?

how can i declare w2k groups: Administrators, user, and power user at the
samba PDC?



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