Implementing SAMBA into NT and Novell question

Andrew Judge ajudge at
Thu Apr 26 23:23:25 GMT 2001

I have a question for the group.  I would like to use SAMBA on a network
currently using Novell and two NT servers acting as PDC and BDC running MS
SQL and Exchange respectively.  The clients are win9x and NT4 workstation
(about 40 clients).  The use would be for the following:

1. migrate exchange to postfix (POP3), using SAMBA to store Outlook pst
files in users home directory for backup reasons.

2. run the SAMBA server for the majority of file serving

I would probably use SAMBA 2.0.7 although 2.2 is probably better to play
with NT and I believe we will migrate to the PDC for authentication with
GSNW for Novell access.  Are there any better suggestions?  Is 2.2 the
preferable solution?  I'm a little concerned with how SAMBA interacts as a
member server in an NT domain.

Does anyone have anything similar running and how would you go about this?

Best regards,

Andrew Judge

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