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kat kathee at mindiq.com
Mon Apr 23 12:04:43 GMT 2001

"xinetd" is a WONDERFUL replacement to the tried and true inetd daemon. It 
has built in so much of the security that had to be "added" to inetd after 
the fact.  It is fairly simple and yet very elegant in nature and does the 
job as well, if not better than inetd.  It was not "RedHat's" decision to 
replace inetd -- check on just about every release of SuSE since 6.x or 
several other distros which have all implemented xinetd for 
sometime.  RedHat was last to fall in .  Solaris and AIX are other versions 
of the OS which also support xinetd.  But I digress...

First of all, download and install/upgrade 7.1 of RedHat as it fixes MANY 
bugs in the original 7.0.  Although I am running 7.0 on my laptop and most 
of my servers, it is greatly modified to fix all the problems 7.0 had 
(broken gcc to name one)

As for not finding /etc/hosts?  Strange, as it should always be there.  As 
for hostname?  Never saw that in any RedHat distro unless you speak of the 
command itself.  As for WHERE is the hostname kept?  Check in the magic 
"/etc/sysconfig" directory for LOTS of goodies.  Look at the "network" 
script and you will see you perm. IP address as well as hostname.  Most of 
these files are managed from "linuxconf" which is what you should be using.

The irony of all this -- if you select the rpms of samba with RH7, you will 
get 2.0.7, which is fine unless you want to be a PDC, but that is another 
topic.  Try "rpm -qa | grep samba" and see if any packages with samba, 
client or otherwise are even installed.  You can then use linuxconf to 
configure it.  Swat will also be there but will not be running unless samba 
is started.  Most of these are installed in "abnormal" places -- i.e. NOT 
in /usr/local as one might expect.  In many cases, RH uses "/var" to 
install these extra packages.  Since I built my samba from the various 2.2 
trees (now the release 2.2) I did not have these issues.  Well, I take that 
back, I do have 2 servers running 2.0.7 in my mix of a PDC with 2.2 in the 

My suggestion -- REMOVE the samba rpms that come with redhat and download 
the clean 2.2 tarball.  Go to the "source" subdirectory and do:

make install

After that, you will find all the necessary files in /usr/local/samba.

A final not on xinetd -- take a look at "/etc/xinetd.d" as a directory and 
you will find the files that configure each service.  Simple info -- 
"disable = yes/no" in a config file for xinetd services --  well, do I need 
to explain what that would do?  Also, these files, for each service, 
replace the need for tcpwrappers, however, I happen to run both.  xinetd 
will look at hosts.allow/deny as well as its own config files.  Very handy!

Hope this helps,

At 08:35 PM 4/22/2001 -0700, Bruce Ferrell wrote:
>Hi Gary,
>First things first... RedHat 7.0 uses a different network superserver
>called xnet.... Just my opinion, it ugly and an unnecessary change to
>fundamental unix networking, but that just my opinion.  I can't help you
>too much with that configuration, but I'm very willing to help you get
>samba running.
>Do you mean your samba installation to act as the PDC for your NT
>Domain, or is an NT/Win2k system fulfilling that task?  Do you know
>which version of samba is installed on your system?
> > landingg wrote:
> >
> > As indicated in some of the other comments, this is perhaps too
> > fundamental for this section.  I haven't learned just where to go and
> > what to ask yet, please redirect or advise as necessary.
> >
> > I have loaded Red Hat Linux Version 7.0 and it runs fine.  Now I am
> > having a very difficult time trying to install Samba and bring it up
> > on my NT Domain.  It is very frustrating to purchase this whole
> > package with all the documentation and not find a consistent, straight
> > forward, instruction on JUST INSTALLING and running Samba.  Now,
> > before you say READ, I have a total of five reference books on Linux,
> > plus downloads of all the docs from the Samba FTP site.  Many of the
> > instructions refer to the inetd.conf  file which I cannot find in RED
> > HAT 6.X OR 7.0.  Additionally, I cannot find other files such as
> > HOSTNAME, HOSTS, etc.  And if I try to run SWAT, the system stalls.
> >
> > Can you help a newbie?
> > Gary

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