printing problem with samba 2.2.0

David Levitan david at
Sun Apr 22 03:33:42 GMT 2001

I erased cups and installed lpr instead. The canon bjc-600 works now, so
it must be a problem with samba->cups printing. However, I'm still
having driver problems with the hp deskjet 930c. The drivers are
installed correctly on the samba server - everything is coming up
correctly for enumdrivers and enumprinters. Also, if I define a local
printer with the hp driver, it works without a problem. Only the
networked drivers have problems. Anyone have any ideas about this?

Augis wrote:
> Hi all,
>   i had similar problem with 'Epson Stylus Color 1520' printer on RH
> Linux 7 (kenel 2.2.16-22) with CUPS 1.1.6 printing and Samba 2.2.0-*. It
> missed the very first page from the print, if it was submitted after
> some time from the previuos print job. Most of our printings are AutoCAD
> drawings, so it was very annoying to miss every 3 or 4 drawing from the
> printouts ;)
>   The behaviuos is hard to reproduce, but i think the problem is CUPS
> printing.
> After i upgraded Samba to 2.2.0 relese, Epson printer drivers showed me
> BSOD several times. I had to install drivers to Linux box (earlier
> printer drivers location was something like //%h/print$) and use
> rpcclient to assign printer driver to specified printer. It was
> impossible to assign the driver from NT side: after changing the driver
> control tab 'General', where i could controll which driver is used for
> the printer, simply dissapeared :). With no affect to the printer driver
> assignment.
> It was yesterday evening. We hadn't huge print jobs since then, so i
> can't say that this helped much in the sense of missing print jobs.
> Anyway, printer driver is unable to crash my NT box now :)
> Try
> 'rpcclient SAMBA_Host -c "enumdrivers";
>   rpcclient SAMBA_Host -c "enumprinters" '
> to see which drivers you are using for every printer and
> 'rpcclient SAMBA_Host -c "setdriver printer_name \"printer driver name\"" '
>   to set apropriate driver for each printer.
> If rpcclient SAMBA_Host -c "enumprinters" ' says something "NO DRIVER
> AVAILABLE FOR THIS PRINTER", this it the problem.
> PS. We use Star Office 5.2 in our office. The driver used to crash NT
> box with BSOD at every Star Office startup.
> --
>   Augis
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David Levitan

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