Samba 2.2.0 PDC / Network Appliance Filer Question

Corey Doster corey at
Fri Apr 20 16:56:19 GMT 2001


I was curious to see if anyone has tried to join a Network Appliance
filer running newer
versions of DataONTAP to a Samba 2.2.0 PDC domain. Does it work?

If not, is it possible to NFS mount the filesystems onto the Samba 2.2.0
PDC and re-export them without running into file-locking issues? We
would most likely implement this with FreeBSD 4.x,
but are open to using Linux if it offers advantages in this arena.

I have read through the older postings regarding this situation using
2.07 and older
versions of the NetApp OS (there have been 2 if not 3 revisions of the
DataONTAP since
these postings). 

In these cases, it was reported to be an issue with the NetApp code;
just curious if the new Samba code or the NetApp folks have made any
adjustments that affect this situation
(but didn't get posted to the list?)

I don't know exactly what I should be looking for on the NetApp support
pages with regards to a bug fix that addresses this issue?

We are considering purchasing some NetApp F85 filers, but I was hoping
someone could speak
to the current status of the Samba PDC/NetApp situation (and make
suggestions/recommendations) before we make any solid decisions?

Thanks in advance,

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