another stuipid questions

Martin Thomas mthomas at
Fri Apr 20 16:57:43 GMT 2001

I also had problems using %U (and %u), it seems they don't
work in samba 2.2 (this is, they do not get substituted with
the user-name)

Why don't you use the [homes] share? - This works fine here,
since [home] will be substituted with the username and
%S will be substituted with the sharename.

   comment = %Ss Home-Share
   browseable = no
   read only = no
   guest ok = no
   path = /home/%S
   valid users = %S
   create mask = 0600
   directory mask = 0700
#   oplocks = false
   veto files = /.*/Desktop/
   hide dot files = yes
#   locking = no


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Subject: another stuipid questions

this worked find with sambe 2.0.7
[%U's Heim]
   comment = %U's Heimatsverzeichnis
   path = /home/%U
   writable = yes
   browsable = yes

now this doesn't work anymore
does anyone know why?


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