samba-ntdom needed any more?

Gerald Carter gcarter at
Thu Apr 19 05:12:03 GMT 2001

On Wed, 18 Apr 2001 14:53:11 Craig Kelley wrote:
> Do we even need this list anymore?  If the ntdom stuff 
> has gone to the main branch, then there isn't really a
>  need for an 'ntdom' discussion list, unless we want
> specific traffic to come here.  (But I don't
> see a samba-printing or samba-time list either)
> Just curious.

I have been wondering about this as well for a few weeks.
In fact, I thinking posting administration of stable Samba PDC
on samba at would provide for less redundancy.

I just checked on membership.  samba-ntdom has about 2,300
members (~600 of these are digested).  Samba at has about 
4,300 (~3000 are digested).

What do people say?  Has this list provided it purposes and
should be merged back in samba at  I would personally 
love one less mailing list to read. :-)  And it has been a little
less than one topic recently.

You folks decide.

Cheers, jerry
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