Interface Unknown: WAS [RE: problem rejoining domain]

Mark Montazer mdmontazer at
Tue Apr 17 17:52:17 GMT 2001

I figured this one out on my own.  It appears the workstation had the Net
Logon service disabled.  After setting it to automatic and retrying, it
worked immediately.


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Hello all, I'm now having problems rejoining the domain from a W2K Pro

I removed the workstation from the domain because it wasn't executing the
logon script properly, and now it will not rejoin the domain at all.
Windows gives an 'Interface Unknown' error.

I am getting the latest from CVS and will set my log level higher, but until
then, has anybody seen this error before or know of a workaround?


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At 09:41 AM 3/30/01 -0800, Bruce Ferrell wrote:
>Oh do I have a good one!
>I have a user who like to test things.  I got his Win2K workstation into
>a 2.2alpha3 controlled domain by carefully following instructions. i.e.
>setting up so that the samba server auto adds the machine account to the
>linux password file and to smbpasswd.  No traces of the workstation in
>/etc/passwd or smbpasswd.  root used to add the machine account to the
>domein.  Too cool and smooth.  He wanted to see how it worked, so he
>removed himself from the domain.  Now I can't get him back in to save my
>soul!  I keep getting the following message: "The account used is a
>computer account. Use your Global user account or local user account to
>access this server."

Remove the entry from /etc/smbpasswd ...

>Thanks in advance,
>Bruce Ferrell

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