Error message during printing from NT to Linux

Evelyn Huang evelyn at
Tue Apr 17 07:18:02 GMT 2001


     Can anybody explain the following error message in the log file for
NT for me?
     [2001/04/17 13:52:29, 0] smbd/nttrans. c:
call_nt_transact_ioctl: Currently not implemented

       Also, I logged in NT as "administrator", and I added user
"administrator" using "useradd" & "smbadduser" with setting up the same
password.  I once succeeded in printing from NT to Linux but then failed
again for I don't know what reasons!  The same error message, "File,
directory name or disk label fault", pops up again.
       I wonder if there is any conflict between the UNIX & the SMB
password on Linux though.  I had the accounts for both "administrator" &
"Administrator" existed on Linux.  Then after I deleted "Administrator",
I could print from NT to Linux although soon failed later.  This seems
bizzare to me...

Evelyn Huang

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