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yes i know but i can create folders like lpt1,prn on a samba 2.2a3 share
without any error message??!

best regards
andre doehn

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Of course,

con is DOS language for console, the problem is with windows

Try to make a dir named prn or lpt1, it won't work either (tested with NT
TSE 4.0 and samba 2.0.6 on HP-UX)

Reinout Wijnveen

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iam using samba 2.2 alpha 3 and i got the same error message when
i try to create this folder "con" or "Con" with a german win2k sp1.


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Hallo everybody!
I have curios effect if I name a directory "Con" or "con" on our Linux /
Samba-Server. Under Win this directory cannot be renamed, deleted or
(the rights are correct...). There pops up an error-message, telling me the
filename is too long or the file is damaged. If I extend or shorten the
of the directory under Linux everything works on the win-machines, I can do
everything with the directory. I just can't name it "Con".Wouldn't be that
bad if I would not need this name, but I do.

Gerrit Nottorf

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