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I have 2 possible explanations for that.  One, do you have WINS enabled on
the clients? And is it pointing to the right WINS server?  That would be the
first thing I would check. Second, are you sure you have the samba server
setup as the WINS server? (I am assuming that as browse master it's also the
WINS server?) or is there another server that you use for WINS support?

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  Hi again,

  this time i have a small but annoying problem none of my computers in my
network are visable in any of my network neighborhoods the microsoft file
and print shareing's browse master is set to automatic and this is my


  workgroup = PME

  netbios name = SERVER

  encrypt passwords = Yes

  update encrypted = Yes

  map to guest = Bad User

  passwd program = /usr/bin/passwd %u

  password level = 8

  username level = 8

  unix password sync = Yes

  log file = /root/logs/log.%m

  max log size = 0

  name resolve order = wins lmhosts host bcast

  time server = Yes

  keepalive = 30

  logon script = %U.bat

  logon path = \\server\%U\profile

  logon home = \\server\%U

  domain logons = Yes

  os level = 65

  preferred master = Yes

  domain master = Yes

  wins support = Yes

  kernel oplocks = No

  unix realname = Yes

  guest account = guest

  admin users = root brandon mary scott billy bill ship

  browse master = yes



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