2.2 Release immenent/2.0.7 possible print issues

Jeremy Allison jeremy at valinux.com
Tue Apr 10 22:49:13 GMT 2001

Samuel Greenfeld wrote:

> 1. While the print job itself is forced to the user, no accessory program used seems
> to do so.   This is a problem with LPRng, given that only certain users may be given
> rights to force the username of a print job, and it is desirable to keep that list as
> small as possible.   Right now, we are living with this, and working around it, but a
> fix to this would be nice.   This activity was verified by temporarily putting a program
> in place of /bin/sh (run by system()) that would log the UID, EUID, GUID, command &
> parameters, etc.

Hmmmm. smbd becomes the user reqesting the print job before
doing the lpr call. What isn't working for you here ?

> 2. Whenever someone requests the printer's status, samba creates a /tmp/lpq.XXXXX file,
> where XXXXX is a series of eight or so characters.   This file is created as root, but
> is not deleted.   After a while, this leads to a lot of /tmp/lpq.XXXXX files hanging
> around that have to be manually cleared.   A new one seems to be created whenever samba
> feels like refreshing a print queue's status.



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