(Was Caution Stoopid Newbie) - A better (Longer) explanation

Jet Set Willy jsw at manic-miner.freeserve.co.uk
Mon Apr 9 14:49:03 GMT 2001

> Hold up a second.  Don't reinstall NT unless you can figure out what the
> deal is with Samba.  I mean, if you can't login with the NT box running,
> blowing that box away isn't going to fix the problem.  The problem is with
> one of the other 2 boxes.

ok - I will sit tight for now

> There are 2 things I don't see in here.  Is the logon.bat file in the
> \netlogon share of the _samba_ box now?  Or is it still on the NT box?
> _is_ rather important. :)

ok - def on the samba box - in the dir that I specified in the netlogon
I'm certain its being called as I put lots of echo lines in (ie 100) so that
I could see as the 98 machine logged on (diddn't know how to pause
the file)

> Second, do you have the 98 box setup to login to the new Samba based
> I know that's a rather silly one at this stage, but I don't recal that
> being explicitly said so I needed to ask to make sure.

Well from the past week or so I don't I think that you should be worried
asking me silly questions if anything it should be me worrying about asking
you :-)

it is logging into the Samba based domain - however this domain is the one
NT box used to be PDC for ( remember I changed the
domain name on the NT box - hours before getting the message not to.....  )
now the NT machine is in the domain "MyDomain2" while the samba machine
is "MyDomain" problem being the NT machine used to be PDC for "MyDomain"
hence me thinking there was still some link between the two machines and
wanting to reformat the NT box

> I have 2 possible explanations for this, which I have, as yet, been unable
> to test.  One is the possibility that the Samba box _still_ thinks it's
> of the NT domain and redirects the credentials to the NT box.  Although,
> be honest, I have never seen this problem before as most of the time the
> Samba server that replaces the NT server isn't a member of the domain
> It's just installed on the network as the PDC. So, I don't know that that
> has ever been tested.  (Surely someone has done that, but I haven't.) I do
> not think this the likely issue here.

hmmm. I think it might be the issue - this sounds as though it might fit in
with what I have done :-(
 I had the samba server as part of the domain that was controlled by the
NT box (and was working fine copying files around etc), I then changed the
domain name on NT and finally changed the smb.conf file to inlclude the
PDC stuff.

Just as an aside here in reply to Michaels question in his email that I have
pasted below....

    > One more question, what is
    > the name of the domain that your NT box is PDC of?  Is it "MYDOMAIN"
    > well, or something different?  If it's different, have you changed the
    > 98 box to log on to "MYDOMAIN" in the Network settings?

...NT is now PDC for MyDomain2 while my 98 machine hasn't changed it
still trys to login to MyDomain. I haven't tried to log in to MyDomain2
I guess I should and will try tonight first.

Following that I'll trash the tcp/ip and network settings on the 98 machine
you both suggest.

Thanks again for your help !


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