PAM on Solaris experiences

Maurice Hoeneveld M.hoeneveld at
Fri Apr 6 07:02:54 GMT 2001

Hello all,

I hope there is a wise guy out there who can hep us out.
Im busy with the installation of a Solaris 7 (intel) machine which is
memeber of a NT domain and also can be used from outside the campus
using ftp (ProFTP)

One of my questions is
Has anyone experiences with running PAM on Solaris for the NT user validation

The samba part I installed runs fine. Im able to share 6000 home
directories where the user is verified against the NT domain.
I also installed ProFTP which I want to use with the pam_smb_auth
module (which I downloaded from and compiled it with the -lpam 
linker option) and configured pam.conf to
use as module for ftp authentication.

The problem is a user which is * in /etc/passwd.
I can see (when I start Proftp in debug mode) that Pam is invoked to
verify the username but the user can not be found.
Logging from ProFTP as follows;

-- received: USER testuser
-- no supplemental groups found for user 'testuser'
-- received: PASS (hidden)
-- no supplemental groups found for user 'testuser'
-- PAM(testuser): Symbol not found
-- USER testuser (Login failed): No such user found.

When I check de system messages I see the following;

-- proftpd[3946]: load_modules: pam_sm_acct_mgmt() missing

Can anybody give me a hint.
It looks like I need some extra options for compiling the pam_auth
module. But probably it is an other problem.

Any help is appreciated
Thanks for your time

Maurice Hoeneveld
Technical System Engineer
E-mail : m.hoeneveld at

Hogeschool voor Economische Studies
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The Netherlands 

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