Samba and Multiple Shares

Nigel Moore nigel at
Tue Apr 3 07:51:52 GMT 2001


I am in the process of turning our internal network into a Linux driven
network, rather than a Win NT network for security and reliability reasons.

At the moment on the NT box we have all of our users and groups, we also
have the file storage (home dirs, client space, sales space, marketing
space, graphics space etc etc)

Each area has its own share: eg

Human Resources

Each of the shares has a group (eg Sales Group, Marketing Group - all NT

So when I add a user (eg fred, and he is in Sales, I add him to the Sales
Group, and possibly the Marketing Group, but he doesn't get access to
Clients, Graphics and Human Resources Drives)

How is the easiest way to do this under Samba2.2.0Alpha2 ??

I have home dirs setup and domain logons are now able to be done aswell. I
want it so that:

fred - sales, marketing
joe - sales, graphics, human resources
harry - clients, graphics
mary - graphics

There are many users, and few groups. I would like to know the easiest way
to set this up.

I want on the linux box:

I have created a partition of 6 gig that has nothing in it at the moment I
would like all of the files stored in here.

Any help or HOWTO's would be greatly appreciated.

Kind Regards,


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