Samba and Multiple Shares

Christian Barth barth at
Tue Apr 3 11:06:44 GMT 2001


> At the moment on the NT box we have all of our users and groups, we also
> have the file storage (home dirs, client space, sales space, marketing
> space, graphics space etc etc)
> Each area has its own share: eg
> Sales
> Marketing
> Human Resources
> Graphics
> Clients
> Each of the shares has a group (eg Sales Group, Marketing Group - all NT
> Groups)
> So when I add a user (eg fred, and he is in Sales, I add him to the Sales
> Group, and possibly the Marketing Group, but he doesn't get access to
> Clients, Graphics and Human Resources Drives)
> How is the easiest way to do this under Samba2.2.0Alpha2 ??

It is easy to set up some thing similar with samba:
On your hard drive, make a directory sales, a directory marketing, 
.... In Linux create the groups marketing, sales, ... and enter the 
userss to the groups in /etc/groups. Probably set the primary group 
in /etc/passwd appropriate for each user.

Do chmod and chown that it looks on your hard drive similar to:

drwxr-s---    salesuser      sales     1024  13:03 sales
drwxr-s---    marketinguser  marketing 1024  13:03 markting

With salesuser and marketinguser being guys who should be allowd to 
create new subdirectores, whicht the may be writeable to the wole 

Now create the shares in samba:
  path = /disk/sales

  path = /disk/marketing

That's it! I would recommand setting "inherit permissions = yes" in 
the global section of smb.conf. If you want you can now start playing 
with a couple of samba parameters like users allow, write group, ... 
but thats all not realy neccessary and I prefer to set these things 
up with linux-permissions because you may once have shell, ftp, scp, 
nfs, ... access as well. 

> Any help or HOWTO's would be greatly appreciated.
Hope this helps. There are a lot of good books about samba, a fine 
one is supplied as html with the source. A book about Unix/Linux 
administration will be a good backgroud.


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