David Atkinson datk at albury.net.au
Wed Sep 20 21:42:39 GMT 2000

Sounds like your Samba PDC is trying to use plain text passwords to which
Win98 or Win2000 will object. To set Win98 to plain text passwords find (in


and add a dword value of "EnablePlainTextPassword" set to 1

For NT (and Win2000, I think) it is the same as for Win95, except the value
"EnablePlainTextPassword" is stored in

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> I have Samba running on my servers in a workgroup environment. I have
> to create a PDC on a Solaris 2.6 machine. I have followed all the
> steps, but when I try to join the Domain with a Win98 or Win2000 system,
> can not find the Domain or is generating errors. Please help. Docs,
> reference material, etc.
> Regards,
> Ray Recendez

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