Samba TNG Back from the dead

David Atkinson datk at
Wed Sep 20 22:18:27 GMT 2000

Sorry to take so long to respond - I'm suppost to be doing the HSC a week
from today (A state wide university entrance exam here in Australia).

I am willing to provide any support/assistance with futher developing Samba
TNG, but it would most likely have to take the form of testing and/or
documentation. I have access to several production and non-production
testing sites with varying reliance on NT servers. I would be glad to
finally be able to give something back to one of the projects I have taken
advantage of for some time (I still have an old i486 server running Red Hat
5.2 acting a a print server for an inkjet printer.)

Something else I see as a benificial step is greater interoperability with

Cheers Dave

"This software comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY. Even if it erases your
hard drive, too bad. Although we did fix that bug from the last release."
                                     --README from a long-ago release of

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