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F. Wiegerinck F.W.J.Wiegerinck at
Fri Sep 29 12:24:06 GMT 2000

Mike Brodbelt wrote:
> Gerald Carter wrote:
> > 
> > greg wrote:
> > >
> > > For future NT Domain releases (3.0 or whatever) you
> > > should really support nt administrative tools
> > > (event viewer, server manager, user mananger etc...
> > > Hopefully you can get it to work with nexus also.
> > 
> > Greg,  Thanks for the suggestions.  We will keep those
> > in mind.  Just curious, but what would you want to
> > use the Event Viewer to see?  Syslog files?  Samba
> > logs?  EventViewer is a horrible logfile viewer IMO
> > and the return benefit for implementing the server side
> > RPCs necessary would not be a big payoff.
> For my 2p worth, I'd think that event viewer sould be pretty far down
> the priority list. The tool is not very good, and in the absence of all
> the NT "this/that/the other has failed" messages, is largely irrelevant
> to administration. If it were to be implemented, I'd want the security
> log first and foremost, but even this I consider of very low importance.

Every one hate to use the event manager as Microsoft is shipping
it with WinNT. Is it a good idea if someone, when it is getting priority,
creates a new event manager. At the unix-based system there wil
run a server next to Samba and will examen the logfiles created by 
Samba. An windows client is able to make connection to this server
and retrieve the information from the server. This will be easer to 
develop too. And it's up to the developer to design new futures to
improve the usage of the event manager.

Althow I not yet using Samba TNG, because I need to forward netbios,
it is great pleasure to read that Microsoft trying to stop Samba, but
haven't succeeded yet. My thanks to those who develop Samba and 
therefore using there sparetime.


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