Is there a Samba LDAP mailing list?

Aaron D. Brooks abrooks at
Thu Sep 28 18:08:33 GMT 2000

On Thu, 28 Sep 2000, Jean Francois Micouleau wrote:

> > I would love to see it myself, as I am getting seriously tired of
> > managing accounts on multiple Samba servers in multiple facilities...
> LDAP is second on my samba's todo list. 
> First is allowing w2k in samba domain.
> It will happen, I assure you :-)
> 	J.F.

Less of a wishlist more of a just something to keep in mind:

	The current flexibility which is offered through macro expansion
of groups is outstanding. It would be good to maintain the current
functionallity of NIS group expansion with the addition of some form of
LDAP group macro expansion. e.g.

	write list = root, @syadmins, @%S-admin :ldap-group

Or use any character that you want... ":" is invalid for NIS and local
password files as part of the group name so you know it won't ever be used
there. Just a thought. Also would it make sense for @ to represent
:&+group (it now represents &+ to search NIS followed by local file) if
LDAP is enabled and an LDAP server has been specified? Just other
thoughts. I may have a chance to be involved in this after I leave my
current place of work (~8 months in the future). So, in the meantime, I'm
just blowing wind.

Jean Francois, thank you for your work! Thanks to all of you!!


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