Odp: Changing Password from NT4 Workstation to Samba

Rafał Szcześniak rszczesniak at mis.com.pl
Thu Sep 28 15:45:09 GMT 2000

Can you send your password command parameter from smb.conf.
Did you already try to do this or you just starting ?


Eric Davis <davis at ooi.net>
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        Temat:  Changing Password from NT4 Workstation to Samba

I have an Origin200 running Samba 2.0.7 for Irix 6.5.7 and about
15 Windows NT Workstation's.  I have about 20 users who need to
be able to change their passwords on the samba server, but do not
have access to the unix server directly.  My problem is that the
docs I have followed have not really helped me with the correct
setup of samba to allow the NT Workstations to allow the users
to change their passwords from the NT side.  Any help would be
greatly appreciated in figuring out.  Thank you very much.

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